After 33 wonderful years as Tennessee Fitness Spa, we made the difficult decision at the end of 2023 to embark on a new chapter. We listed the scenic and historic Natural Bridge property with a realtor. If you, or someone you know, is interested, please contact us by email at or by phone at (931)722-5589. While the property is for sale, we apologize that we cannot allow visitors due to liability reasons.

We are deeply grateful for your loyalty and support throughout our many rewarding years. Our memories with our guests and staff will be forever cherished, and we hope to stay in touch for years to come. Thank you for being a part of our Tennessee Fitness Spa family.

What to pack during your visit to our weight loss retreat

Below is a list of suggested and optional items you might like to have with you at our weight loss retreat. You may need to adjust the following list depending on the number of weeks you are staying, the time of year, and the expected weather. Note that we do have free laundry facilities available. Our facility is very comfortable and informal, so please feel free to dress casual during your entire stay or, if you prefer, you may dress up for dinner and evening events. Most importantly, you will need good supportive aerobic and walking shoes. Please do not bring jewelry or other valuables, as we do not take responsibility for lost or stolen property.

Necessary items to pack

  • Supportive aerobic shoes
  • Refillable water bottle(s) (bring to land and water classes; also sold in General Store)
  • Ear plugs
  • Personal toiletries (blister kit, insect repellent, etc.)
  • Medications and/or vitamins (mini-fridge for medication needs available upon request)
  • Vaseline (to prevent blisters)
  • Sun hat, visor or sweatband
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking or aerobic socks (several pairs)
  • Sweat pants and tops
  • Shorts and T-shirts or aerobic attire
  • Supportive walking shoes (already broken in)
  • Shoes for wet or muddy activity
  • Two bathing suits (if feasible)
  • Water shoes (highly recommended)
  • Gym bag for pool attire

Optional items to pack

  • Cycle shorts or bike seat pad
  • iPod or other personal music device
  • Laptop or tablet and cords (wireless available in all rooms)
  • Warm jacket and clothing during cold months (March, October, and November)
  • Reading material
  • Fanny pack with water bottle holder
  • Hair dryer (if not staying in deluxe, deluxe plus, or Penthouse)
  • Writing journal or stationery
  • Heart rate monitor or pedometer
  • Walking stick or trekking poles
  • Rain gear
  • Waterproof boots for creek walking
  • Protein power or protein drinks
  • Laundry soap and fabric softener
  • Old license plates (to add to our wall)
  • Extra shoes to donate to Soles4Souls, a charity we help by gathering shoes (read more about them at their website)

Items recommended for diabetic guests

Improved nutrition and regular exercise can alter your blood sugar levels. For those guests who are diabetic, we recommend several additional items be packed for their stay.

  • Twice the number of test strips and other testing supplies you normally use. You will want to check your blood sugar frequently throughout the day.
  • Extra glucose sources you can carry with you (i.e. tablets, gels – not extra food). There are medical kits throughout the premises that contain glucose sources, but these are for emergencies, in case your personal supply is depleted.

Mini refrigerators are in all standard plus accommodations and above. If you are in a standard room and need to keep medication refrigerated, please advise our office staff. A compact medication fridge will be delivered to your room.