What Can Battle Ropes Do For You?

What are Battle Ropes?

Battle ropes, or heavy ropes, are large ropes either 25mm or 44mm in diameter and can range in length from 5m to 25m. The weight of the rope itself creates its own resistance. There are 3 basic moves that are done with battle ropes: waves, pulling, and slams. Each move will target your body differently. And each move can be varied and modified. You can add squats, burpees, lunges, sit or lay down to switch up which muscles the workout will target

How do they work?

They don’t work, you do. By making waves, slamming, or pulling the ropes in different variations, at varying intervals, you will work different areas of your body from arms and legs, to range of motion and joints, to core, back, and stability.
When making the waves you can move the ropes side to side, or up and down, forming a continuous wave. Slamming the rope is similar to making waves but putting more force behind it by slamming the ropes down. Pulling is when you pull the ropes towards you in varying techniques; you may slam them during this move as well.

What do they work?

Battle ropes are a great exercise to increase your heart rate and energy expenditure. The ropes work each arm individually to overcome imbalances in strength. Moving the ropes side to side will increase core strength and stability. While moving the ropes in circles will increase shoulder range of motion. Having less slack in the ropes will decrease the intensity of your exercise. Try doing intervals of more and less slack in your rope to add variance.


  • Battles ropes are a great way to get the heart pumping and strengthen the body.

  • The moves can be modified to the fitness level you’re comfortable with.

  • By varying the moves you’re less likely to lose interest and keep your energy up.

I highly recommend you try a battles ropes class during your stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa and see how you like it. This can be a very rewarding exercise with great benefits!