The Advantages of a Fitness Camp for Adults

Today we’re going to talk about why, whether you’re 25 or 85, it’s beneficial to attend a fitness camp for adults. As children, our parents sent us to camp so that we could get a taste of structured living. Intended as a way to transition us into our more regimented lives as adults, it’s easy for us to forget the value of organized activities.

With so many dieters falling off the wagon and lapsing into old habits, the real benefit of an adult fitness camp can be understood. By designing a week-long program that incorporates healthy eating, exercise and clean living, it becomes much easier to adhere to dietary and exercise regimens in the future. Now, let’s take a look at a couple of the immediate benefits provided by this approach.

The hardest part of working out is starting

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s doing the dishes or hitting the gym, the most challenging part of doing a difficult task is often starting. Once we’ve got our hands wet or our feet on the treadmill, we sink back and let habit take over. Suddenly, it’s not so hard. Suddenly, we’re not just motivated to continue but to finish.

When you attend fitness camp, you’re putting your hands in the water. You’re making a commitment to take the first steps and, in doing so, you make continuing those steps a matter of habit. Once you leave us, you won’t just leave with the motivation to continue eating healthy or exercising regularly, you’ll leave with the intent of finishing the job.

It’s harder to cheat on your commitments

Out in the wild – or the local grocery store – it’s easy to backslide. Temptation lurks around every corner… the junk food aisle, the movie theater or the gas station. Unhelpful distractions surround us and push us further and further away from actions that would be beneficial to us… one more movie on Netflix, one last level in a video game or one final TV episode before really getting down to work. These distractions compound themselves and, in the end, we’re forced to put off exercising or cooking a healthy dinner… just one more day.

At a fitness camp for adults, temptations are controlled and distractions are limited. With those out of the way, you can really get down to business on bettering yourself and your lifestyle. At Tennessee Fitness Spa, our fitness program provides nutritious meals and daily exercise programs that begin at 8 a.m. Our certified fitness instructors are always nearby, ready and willing to enroll you in classes, provide instruction or lend a friendly ear.