Personal Training

Although our classes are great fun to discover new and different activities, signing up for a personal trainer can help you to see the results you want. Our personal trainer, Vanessa Hampton, will be able to sit down with you over two sessions to address your goals, discuss a fitness plan that actually works for you, review your results from using your plan during your stay, and send you home with a routine that will help you continue to meet your goals.

Everybody’s goals and schedules will vary. Your personal trainer will create a routine that can meet both, your goals and time restraints. Your Inbody results will help your personal trainer determine what would work best for your body to meet your current fitness goals within the time frames you have available.

During your stay with us, we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity we offer to meet with Vanessa and begin down the path to changing your life. To schedule your sessions, please see Vanessa directly.

Personal Training Package

$100.00 Private Session or $90.00 Per Person/Semi-private Sessions (2 person limit)
This package includes a TFS Journal and two sessions: an initial session for one(1) hour, towards the start of your stay, to go over your goals, discuss a fitness plan, and begin training; plus a follow-up session for 30 minutes towards the end of your stay to go over your results and give you your personalized take-home fitness plan.