5 Reasons to Choose Tennessee Fitness Spa for your Fitness Retreat

In a 2020 report from the American Psychological Association (APA), adults described stress from multiple sources at a staggering rate. 49% reporting negative changes in behavior due to stress, and 20% even noted mood swings.

Throughout changing times, Tennessee Fitness Spa can be a place to unplug, decompress and reenergize as you get away from it all. Our restorative amenities include:

  •       A hot tub large enough for four guests
  •       A sauna to sweat out impurities and relax tired muscles
  •       Licensed massage therapists providing a host of relaxing treatments
  •       Walking trails that allow you to enjoy nature
  •       A 2,400-square-foot aerobics gym with kettlebells, yoga mats, and more

There are numerous options to help your mind, body, and soul find a haven for serenity. Here are just a few great possibilities for your visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa.

Weight Loss

Many guests enjoy the weight loss benefits of our week-long Tennessee Fitness program. Recent research has shown that for every 20 pounds lost, a person can drop their systolic blood pressure between 5-20 points. The resulting benefit to heart health and a reduction in the risk for stroke may lead to an improved quality of life and extended life expectancy.

Strength Training Facility

Daily lectures on topics, including strength training, are available. Our 2,600-square-foot weight room features Pacific Fitness weightlifting equipment, treadmills, rowers, and more. Strength training has been proven capable of preserving and building muscle mass that can decline with age. Strength training also improves bone density and helps joints stay flexible and better able to handle stress.

Experience Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and yoga can train the body and mind to be limber and to bend but not break. Under the heavy load of hectic schedules and bustling surroundings, we develop habits that do not positively feed our mood or attitude.

Massage Therapy

If you would appreciate improved skin tone, better circulation, and reduced muscle tension, then there is massage therapy available for you. Come and let the relaxation begin.


Guests are encouraged to recognize the connection they have to the successes at our spa. Those who lose 50 fat* pounds (as determined by the InBody Scale), drop 15% body fat, or gain 10% in muscle mass can earn a Block of Fame. This beacon placed in the Spa’s Block Garden signifies success stories of guests who have enjoyed tremendous lifestyle changes.

Visits from across the globe find themselves on the doorstep of Tennessee Fitness Spa. Visitors are sometimes looking to break bad habits, such as smoking. They may be hoping to bond with their community of friends and family. Others are searching for serenity to shed the weight of spiritual, emotional, and mental stress, though some are looking to drop pounds on the way to their weight loss goals. Take a step on the road to recovery and reconnect with Tennessee Fitness Spa. Our tranquil setting has room for you.

Written for Tennesse Fitness Spa by Vince H.


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