Our kitchen staff is led by Belinda Jones, the Dietary Manager with a degree in Fitness and Nutrition plus years of experience in cooking, catering, and meal planning. Belinda, and a staff of 7, serve three complete meals every day and prepare healthy snacks for refueling throughout the day. No one needs to go hungry; a healthy fruit or salad bar is available along with the meals. We believe in good fuel and proteins for the body.

Belinda will be glad to speak with you about your personal needs and individual dietary considerations. If you don’t like onions, that is okay, the staff will make your food the way you like it including gluten free, vegetarian and/or vegan.

We offer several educational workshops each week. Belinda offers cooking demonstrations and nutritional lectures.  

  • Belinda Cooking Class
  • Nutritional Cooking Demos at Tennessee Fitness

Below is a list of additional workshops that are available on rotating weeks:

  • The Tour and History of the Natural Bridge
  • Weight Machines 101
  • Healthy on Your Feet; Proper Walking Techniques
  • Cooking Demo
  • Nutrition Lecture
  • Diabetic Nutrition
  • Herbal Tea Preparation
  • Gardening for Your Health
  • Balancing Health with Nature
  • Taking Home the Program

Our informative Taking the Program Home lecture is given by the fitness department. This lecture, and the handouts, focus on a fitness and nutrition plan that can be easily implemented when you go home. There will be time to ask questions, and you will receive handouts with helpful information about the exercises that you performed while at the spa. We want you to continue with healthy eating and fitness habits when you return home and allow what you learned during your stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa to impact and create changes that will last a lifetime.

Nutritional Consulting with Belinda

General questions are always welcome and can be asked and answered in any of the cooking and nutritional workshops. However, if you prefer a one-on-one consultation, please make an appointment with our head chef. The cost for private sessions are $35 for ½ hour, and $60 for an hour. The cost for a shared session with two people for one hour is $50 per person. You will receive:

  • A private session with the head chef.

  • A nutrition program to take home for your future use.

  • A Tennessee Fitness Journal to keep track of your progress. (For one-hour private session only; One per person, per visit)

If you need to cancel, make sure to cancel 8 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time to avoid a charge to your account. 

Nutrition Extras

Protein Drinks - $3.50
Vegan Meals - $ no charge
Gluten Free Meals - $ no charge