Fitness Instructors

Kimi Kelley - Fitness Director of Tennessee Fitness Adult Weight Loss Camp

Kimi Sue Kelley - Director

Fitness Director and Fitness Instructor

Kimi Sue Kelley, the fitness director, joined the TN Fitness Spa staff as a walk leader in 2001 and began her teaching career in 2002 after becoming certified in group fitness through AFAA and NETA. Kimi Sue creates and teaches a variety of fun, original, and heart-pumping classes and is a certified personal trainer. It is apparent to our guests that Kimi loves teaching and sharing her knowledge of fitness; she is the heart of our fitness program here at Tennessee Fitness Spa.

Toni Hinson

Toni - Dance and Fitness Instructor

Toni, a native of TN, became a certified fitness instructor in 2015. She enjoys teaching fitness classes using eclectic music: Aqua Swing, Bluegrass Buck Dancing, Hula Hoop Hoe-Down, and Disco Aerobics. Toni also teaches resistaball Drumming Class using African and Jazz music. Toni's empathetic nature and flamboyant flare are evident when she teaches as are her Americana roots and her love of all music styles.

Barry Miller - weight lifting, Personal Trainer, and Instructor for Fitness Spa

Barry Miller - Weight Lifting

Barry Miller - Weight Training

Barry Miller, a native of Waynesboro, Tennessee, has been a personal trainer and part time instructor at Tennessee Fitness Spa since 2008. Barry, a father of three, remains dedicated to his daily weight training and stays active locally by coaching high school baseball and assisting with high school football.

Sandi Merriman - Instructor at TN Fitness Spa; the best spa retreat for fitness.

Sandi Merriman

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Sandi Merriman, a resident of Lawrenceburg, TN,  joined our fitness team in September of 2014. Sandi teaches aqua aerobics, HITT, bootcamp style classes, high intensity cardio, weight lifting, and kickboxing classes during the summer months, and on Saturdays and holiday weeks during the school year. Sandi is a certified instructor and a personal trainer for guests at Tennessee Fitness Spa.

Bevin leads Guided Meditation at Tennessee Fitness Spa and Wellness Resort.

Bevin Pie

Guided Meditation

Bevin Pie is local to Waynesboro, TN and has been helping our clients at Tennessee Fitness Spa relax and meditate for several years. Bevin leads the participants in a guided image mediation while the guests relax in a prone position. Check our Event Calendar for Bevin's classes and all weekly specials.

Yoga Instructor at TN Fitness Spa; a spa yoga retreat center.

Meredith Kotelec

Yoga Instructor

Meredith is our new Yoga Instructor from Maryland via California. While in California, Meredith taught gardening and fitness to school children and began the required 200 hour training at Yoga Blend Studio to become a Hatha yoga teacher. The hustle of city life wore on her so she moved to Tennessee to start a farm. At Tennessee Fitness Spa she "hope(s) to share my passion for yoga and conscious eating."

#Zumba Instructor, #Silver Sneakers Instructor

Tesa Andrews

Evening Instructor - Zumba

Tesa Andrews, a resident of Collinwood, Tennessee, is our evening Zumba instructor. Tesa was a full-time Tennessee Fitness Spa instructor when she decided to returned to school; she just graduated with her degree in special education teaching.

aqua aerobics fitness instructor at TN Fitness Spa and fitness resort

Dixie Husband

Guest Instructor Aqua Aerobics

One of our favorite guest instructors is Dixie Husband. Dixie has been teaching Aqua Aerobics at Tennessee Fitness Spa since 1999. Call the Reservation Office 931-722-5589 to find out what weeks Dixie will be teaching or check our Events Calendar for Aqua Week with Dixie.

Gayle Lusk Lehman - Instructor Barre and Pilates weight loss Spa Resort TN

Gayle Lusk Lehman

Guest Instructor for Barre and Pilates

Gayle is a guest instructor at Tennessee Fitness Spa in Barre and Pilates. Gayle lives in Edgewood, KY where she owns her own Pilates Connexion Studio. Check under the Event Calendar for the weeks Gayle will be teaching at the spa, or call the office for her schedule.

Racquetball Instructor; Spinning Instructor at wellness retreat weight loss spa

Teena Fuller

Guest Racquetball and Spinning Instructor

Teena Fuller, a certified racquetball instructor with the USA Racquetball Association, has been teaching at TN Fitness Spa since 2010. The guests receive free lessons to learn the game or to improve their game. Teena also became a certified Spinning Instructor in 2014. Check with the spa office, or our web site Calendar of Events, to see which weeks Teena is available.

Maggie Tucker - Yoga and Pilates Instructor at Health and Wellness Fitness Spa.

Maggie Tucker

Guest Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Maggie Tucker is a certified Yoga, Pilates, and Spin instructor and has been teaching at Tennessee Fitness Spa since 2013. Maggie lives in the Birmingham, Alabama area and teaches part time at the new Activity Center in Moody, AL. Feel free to email the office at to get the exact weeks that Maggie will be available.

Toning and Cardio Instructor at TN Fitness Spa and weight loss resort

TJ Griffin

Guest Instructor Cardio and Sculpt

TJ is a regular guest instructor at TN Fitness Spa. TJ teaches all the classes, including water aerobics, and it a personal trainer. Check our schedule of events, or call the office, to find out when TJ will be joining us next.