Weight Loss and Tax Deductions

Is my Tennessee Fitness Spa stay tax deductible?

If you qualify per IRS Publication 502, then Yes, most of your stay may be deductible.

At the time of writing, we understand the following are eligible for deduction:

  • fitness program
  • room / accommodation
  • private coaching, including nutritional counseling and personal training sessions

The following are NOT eligible for deduction:

  • food
  • transportation to and from the Spa
  • services at the Spa that are not related to weight loss, such as massages or beauty services
  • purchases at the General Store

We encourage you to speak to your accountant and understand the details of Publication 502. Tennessee Fitness Spa is not responsible for any expenses you incur that are considered non-tax deductible or do not benefit your tax payable amount.

Is it complicated to become eligible?

No - the necessary step is to get a Letter of Medical Necessity signed by your physician. Your doctor must determine if you have a weight-related medical condition that would benefit from a more comprehensive obesity management service such as Tennessee Fitness Spa. If so, the doctor must fill out and sign the form.

Click Here to download the form "Letter of Medical Necessity" TN Fitness Spa Doctor Form.

Then, just book your stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa. Notify the Tennessee Fitness Spa office, at the time of your reservation, that you need your expenses broken down for insurance and/or tax purposes. The Fitness Program, food, transportation expenses, weight loss-related spa services, and non-weight loss-related spa services, will be logged separately for your records.