Frequently Asked Questions

Is my stay tax deductible?

If you qualify per IRS Publication 502, then Yes, most of your stay may be deductible. We have additional information on our site under Medical Tax Deduction.

How long can I stay? Can I stay longer than one week?

You can stay for one week, or the entire season. The average guest stay is just over 14 days. Every Sunday new guests will arrive, some guests will leave, and some guests will stay over for the next week. Frequently we have guests stay 3 months or longer to completely reboot their lifestyle. We have special rates for guests who choose an extended stay; see our discount periods and specials here.

What if the exercise classes are too hard? or too easy?

All the classes are modified for low impact, no impact, and for high impact, therefore anyone can participate in a class. Some beginners might barely make it through class while some experienced guests will hit the class hard and fast. Everyone is welcome, everyone is included, everyone is encouraged; our goal is that you leave class after working out at your maximum capability. 

Is there internet and cell service available?

Yes, there is wi-fi in all rooms, the cottages, and at the RV park. We also have wireless service at the dining room, tv lounges, computer lounge, lower gym, sun deck, and on the grounds of the campus. Due to our location, wireless service is intermittent. Some weeks it works great and some weeks it does not.

There are land line phones in every room. You can have family/friends call you using the spa number 931-253-2285. They will be asked for your extension number. Your extension is your room number preceded by the number 2. Therefore, if you are in room 16, your extension number is 216.

AT&T service is spotty but you can usually find a location that works. There is a Verizon network extender located at the dining hall; Verizon cell service is only available within 50 yards of the dining hall. If you have Verizon cell service and want to make phone calls from your room's phone, you will need a calling card.

What are the accommodations like?

We have a variety of hotel style single level rooms, rustic chalet-style accommodations, and pet friendly 1 and 2 bedroom cottages available to meet your needs.  All the units at our health spa have in-room wi-fi, heat and air conditioning, and are well-kept and cleaned daily by our housekeeping staff; beds are made daily and sheets and towels are changed bi-weekly in each room.

Many of our units have large front porches, and our Chalet style accommodations have porches and swings on each level providing an excellent view of the pond and creek. Click here to see photos of our accommodation options and visit the photo gallery to see photos of the camp facilities, grounds and activities.

When is check-in?

Check-in at the log cabin office between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on your arrival date. If you know you will arrive after 4:00 p.m. please arrange ahead of time with the office to pick-up your keys and the welcome packet at the security gatehouse.

Tennessee Fitness is a week-long fitness program for weight loss, and building muscle, and core strength.  Our health spa is available for adults and teenagers sixteen years and older. Our health and fitness program starts on Sunday afternoons and ends on Saturdays after lunch, however you are welcome to stay through breakfast on Sunday morning if you want to rest and relax an extra day. We also offer 3 night visits from Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Sunday.

When is check out?

Check-out time is after lunch on Saturday, however, if you would like to spend Saturday night at the spa to relax and rejuvenate, feel free to do so. Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast will be provided but please vacate all rooms and RV spots by 10:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

Tennessee Fitness is a week-long fitness program for weight loss, and building muscle, and core strength.  Our health spa is available for adults and teenagers sixteen years and older. Our health and fitness program starts on Sunday afternoons and ends on Saturdays after lunch, however you are welcome to stay through breakfast on Sunday morning if you want to rest and relax an extra day. We also offer 3 night visits from Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Sunday. Place your luggage on the porch if you would like help loading your car.


If I come alone, do I have to pay the private rate?

No, we can arrange for you to have a roommate(s) if you would like to stay in a quad with three other people, or in a standard or deluxe room with one other person.

If you want to guarantee a room to yourself, you must reserve a private room.  The prices stated are weekly rates, per person.

Are there private meeting rooms?

Yes, we have rooms where you can gather with your friends, siblings, or club members to have private meetings or social gatherings. We are the perfect health spa to plan a healthy, affordable, vacation for yourself, or add some friends and make it a girlfriend get-a-way, a sibling reunion, school reunion, club meeting, or corporate retreat. For large groups, please call the office for special pricing (depending on availability and time of year) and to reserve the community rooms for private use.


What is included in the cost of my stay at your health resort?

Included in the weekly fee is the entire health and fitness program, meals, snacks, in room Wi-fi, entertainment, lectures, and workshops. Tennessee Fitness Spa is a week-long, all inclusive, fitness camp for all fitness levels. We provide healthy meals, snacks, beverages, and clean, comfortable lodging with daily housekeeping service. We have daily lectures on nutrition or other health related topics plus 8 hours of aerobic and strength training classes. An incoming InBody assessment is included in the cost, and you have 24-hour access to all the facilities at Tennessee Fitness including the weight lifting room, gym, indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, racquetball court and locker rooms.

Due to our location, Wi-fi can be intermittent. 

Items that are not included in the weekly fee are massages, body treatments, personal training, nutritional consultations, and purchases you make in the General Store.

What is your tipping policy?

Gratuities are appreciated but not mandatory. Please feel free to tip, at your discretion, the departments and/or individuals you feel made your stay special. Or, if you prefer, you may make one contribution to the entire Spa staff, which will be divided fairly among all the employees. This does not include massage therapists or the beautician; we recommend a 10 to 15% tip be added for these special services. Tipping guidelines, as well as currency and envelopes, are available upon request in our office.  If you did not bring enough cash, our office staff is happy to help. We would prefer to cash checks, but if you do not have a check, we are also able to add money to your credit card.


Is there access to cash, such as an ATM?

We do not have an ATM; however, you may get cash from the office. We prefer you write a check, or you may use your credit card, in exchange for cash. This is an all-inclusive spa, so there is little reason to need cash, and all extra services, such as massages, may be added onto your account and paid at the end of the week. 

Is active participation mandatory?

No, you can decide how you want to spend your time at our health spa. Many guests come to relax, read, sunbathe and eat healthy meals without having to do any of the cooking or cleaning. You can choose to go to the work out classes and nutrition lectures, or you can choose not to go; it is completely up to you. Many people come to TF Spa for a week-long, healthy vacation of relaxation and de-stressing. There is no judgment here and no pressure to participate in any of our activities. 

How is the food?

The foods we prepare are low in calories, fat, and are highly nutritious and very delicious. You may choose between our standard, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan meal plans. Our meals are low in sodium, sugar, and natural sweeteners are used when needed. We can accommodate medical dietary restrictions, food allergies, and food preferences with timely notification.

Cooking lectures are offered, and recipes are available, so you may follow our cooking philosophy in your home. Low carbohydrate requests, paleo diets, diabetic restrictions, gluten free, and other dietary needs can be accommodated upon request. You can see one of the sample weekly menus here.

Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes. Laundry facilities are available in the lower gym between the men and women's locker rooms. There is no charge for the washer or dryer however soap and fabric softener are not provided. Laundry soap and fabric softener is sold in the general shop.

Who may enroll?

Women, men, and teenagers over the age of 16 years of age can enroll in our week-long fitness and weight loss program. A few weeks a year we allow teenage boys and girls that are 14 years or older but they must be accompanied by an adult. Please call the office for Family Week dates as they change each year. 

Will age affect my participation?

No, everyone can participate in all our fitness and fun activities as we modify all classes for all ages, and all fitness levels. We welcome all adults and teenagers, boys and girls, over 16 years of age.

May I smoke?

We do not condone smoking as it is dangerous to your health. If you smoke, you may do so only at the bench near the water wheel. We do not permit guests to smoke in their rooms, on the porches, or near any of the buildings. Many guests come to the health spa to quit smoking, so it is extremely important that the temptation to smoke be reduced as much as possible. If you smoke in your room, a cleaning fee of $250.00 will be charged to your credit card.

Are there any extra costs?

No, there are no extra fees or costs. Tennessee Fitness Spa is a week-long, all inclusive, fitness camp for all levels of fitness. Weekly rates include all meals, snacks, lodging, in room wi-fi, classes, and lectures. If you purchase additional services (massage, personal training, or nutritional counseling) or merchandise from the general store, then additional fees or charges apply.

Should I consult a physician prior to attending?

Yes, we strongly urge you to visit your doctor prior to attending TN Fitness Spa or any other facility dealing in weight loss or fitness activities. Tennessee Fitness Spa is a week-long fitness camp for all fitness levels and we want you to know your fitness level and any limitations.

What is the Natural Bridge?

The Natural Bridge is a double-span bridge formed completely by nature over millions of years. It is one of the most beautiful and historic natural settings in the entire South. The area around the Natural Bridge property was first used by the Woodland tribes as a site for peace councils, and it is believed that Davy Crockett gave his first political speech atop the bridge at Pulpit Rock. Our local folklore claims that the outlaw, Jesse James, hid out in the caves of the bridge after one of his raids.  Today, the Natural Bridge provides the perfect backdrop for Tennessee Fitness Spa’s campus.

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