The Various Room Options Available During Your Stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa

Fitness Camp for Adults; a midwest fitness retreat in southern Tennessee

When it comes to attending a week-long fitness camp for adults, most visitors want to be secure in the knowledge that they will be comfortable and accommodated. At Tennessee Fitness Spa, we understand this concern and offer a number of different rooms to address our visitors’ individual preferences. Whether you want a rustic, simple room, or a luxurious penthouse studio, we have a room that will make your stay comfortable and, more importantly, effective! Let’s take a closer look at the options that we have available…

QUAD Chalet Style

Offered to ladies only, this communal, four person room includes twin beds, two bathrooms, daily housekeeping and wireless Internet access. Reasonably priced and great for socializing, our quad rooms are one of our most popular options.

Standard Room

Our standard rooms feature a single twin bed, a single full-size bed and one bathroom. Akin to staying in a rustic, down-to-earth hotel, this is the perfect option for guests who value both privacy and affordability.

Deluxe Room

Deluxe rooms at Tennessee Fitness Spa feature two full-size beds, a television, DVD player and a full bathroom. The amenities included are shampoo, shower gel and lotion. This option is great for guests that want to treat themselves to something special.

Deluxe Plus

Located near the scenic Cedars Edge, our deluxe plus rooms offer two full Talalay foam mattresses, a full bath, a television and DVD player, and a desk. With access to wireless Internet – as all of our rooms offer – this room is a superb option for visitors who’d like to get a little work done during their stay with us.

Penthouse Studio

Our penthouse studio can accommodate up to four people and includes one queen bed, two twin beds, a living room, a kitchen, a washer/dryer combo, two porches, and a walk-in closet. This option is great for anyone looking for a luxurious, vacation-like experience that feels like a home away from home.

Tennessee Fitness Spa, a midwest fitness and weight loss camp located in Southern Tennessee, we aim to give our guests and amazing experience and, more than that, an effective plan to live healthier, happier lives. If you have been searching for a fitness camp for adults that will work with you to achieve lasting, meaningful change, contact us today to discuss our services!

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