Tennessee Uncharted Pays a Visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa

Tennessee Uncharted Visits Tennessee Fitness Spa, a weight loss retreat

Tennessee Fitness Spa, a health and weight loss retreat center, had the honor of hosting Erick from Tennessee Uncharted. Searching for a “scenic spa that believes in a connection to nature as the bridge to lifelong health,” Erick’s quest brought him to our doorstep, where he spoke with Mary Quinn about the spa’s philosophy and partook in eight hours of workout classes. 

From water aerobic class to daily walks and weightlifting, Erick enthusiastically threw himself headlong into the process. Provided with guidance along the way, including how to get the most out of hiking, how to utilize exercise equipment, and how to adopt a more fulfilling, nutritional diet, the team at Tennessee Fitness Spa aimed to arm Erick – as we do with all of our guests – with the knowledge needed to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Extolling the power of nature and its connection to the power inside of each of us, the video captures Erick’s contemplation of the essence of change. Lasting change takes time and dedication and Mary Quinn stressed the importance of low-sodium, health meals, and continued efforts over time.

Near the end of Tennessee Uncharted’s video, Erick speaks to the broad appeal of Tennessee Fitness Spa, a midwest weight loss and wellness center located in the southern Tennessee. Erick noted that the weight loss camp was designed for any gender or age group, and stresses that all people, of all sizes, can experience the benefits of our spa. Even after a long, active day, Erick marveled that he “felt better than he’d felt in a long time,” and, more than anything, that iss our goal: to instill in our guests an understanding of the long-lasting, positive effects of exercise, nutrition and healthy choices.

We want to thank Erick from Tennessee Uncharted for visiting us and documenting his experience. We encourage anyone who is considering a visit to watch his video, as it will give you a wonderful, and engaging, glimpse into our philosophy. Of course, if you have any questions about our healthy fitness camp for adults, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tennessee Uncharted Video from Tennessee Fitness Spa visit

  • Erick from Tennessee Uncharted works out at TFSPA
  • Aqua Tabata class at Tennessee Fitness Spa
  • Mary Quinn speaks with Erick at Tennessee Fitness Spa Water Fitness
  • Erick from Tennessee Uncharted visits the Natural Bridge
  • Stretch Class at TFSPA
  • Tai Chi class at the Tennessee Fitness Spa

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