First Time Visiting a Fitness Camp for Adults? Try a Deep Tissue Massage!

Massage Therapy available at our Midwest Yoga Retreat located in southern TN

Part of our philosophy at Tennessee Fitness Spa is that our camp isn’t just fitness-oriented. We believe that our guests should be pampered and allowed to partake in some relaxing activities while they’re here. As part of that, we offer a rotating list of weekly – and monthly – special events that aim to keep you positive and focused on your weight loss journey. Additionally, we have spa and salon services available that offer massage therapy, body scrubs and beauty treatments. But, what advantages do these services afford you on your journey? In this post, we’re going to focus on one of our most popular offerings, deep tissue massage, and illustrate how it can help you stay happy, healthy and motivated.

Deep tissue massages reduce pain

Less expensive than traditional medical treatment, deep tissue massage has been shown to be as effective as standard remedies in the alleviation of chronic pain. Since massage helps to reduce inflammation and tension, it can help you feel your best and lead to a successful, pain-free weight loss journey.

Massages improve blood pressure

In addition to helping the body produce serotonin, a hormone that contributes to feelings of happiness, deep tissue massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Since losing weight is often an arduous and difficult process, this can help to offset the temporary rise in blood pressure experienced during exercise.

Massages relieve stress

Perhaps most importantly, deep tissue massage relieves stress.  Being on vacation, trying new exercises, eating new healthy meals, and adopting new fitness regimens can be a stressful process. To be successful, try to reduce your stress level and focus on your tasks at hand whether it be shedding pounds, relaxing, stopping additive habits, or finding joy and happiness.

At this Midwest health and fitness Spa, located in Southern Tennessee, we take an all-encompassing approach to fitness and weight loss. Our fitness camp for adults is geared towards providing you with access to all of the tools and services that you need to be successful. If you have been looking for a novel, effective way to lose weight – and have fun doing it – contact us today to learn more about our health retreat and vacation packages.

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