Enjoy a Healthy Night Life at Tennessee Fitness Spa

Karaoke at the Fitness Spa

The night life at Tennessee Fitness Spa is focused on providing healthy and fun ways to stay healthy and make new friends. We have a range of evening events that will keep you entertained and smiling as you make positive changes to your lifestyle. In this post, we will take a closer look at the activities, entertainment, and special events available you during your stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa.

1. Bingo

Every week, we have Bingo night which includes prizes such as gift certificates to our General Store and Beauty Salon. We also have a Grand Prize, a discount on your next stay, so that you have the chance to continue your experience with another stay at our fitness camp for adults.

2. Special workshops and classes

With a rotating schedule, we offer a variety of workshops and classes that are sure to pique the interest of all of our guests. From cooking classes to guided meditation, you’re sure to find something that will keep you on the road to a healthier, happier life.

3. Karaoke!

Whenever possible, we try to convince Bob and Diane to host a good karaoke night. Whether you are an amateur singer, a professional performer, or a moonlighting crooner, you will certainly have a great time belting out your favorite songs!

4. Stories by the bonfire

For those guests that just want to relax by the fire, our groundskeeper Dean Ware, can often be convinced to share tales beside the campfire. A nice, calming activity, this is a great experience for anyone who has had a long day of walking, exercising, and eating healthy.

5. Seasonal and weekly events

Our events calendar lists all of the awesome entertainment available during your stay at our fitness camp for adults. Be sure to check the calendar before your visit so that you can plan out your evenings!

At Tennessee Fitness Spa, we strive to keep our guests entertained for the entire duration of their visit. With a variety of exciting and educational evening activities available, we think that everyone can find something to participate in that shows them how rewarding it can be to live a healthy lifestyle. If you have been looking to shed a few pounds, or adopt a healthier diet, give us a call and consider a visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa!

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