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NBC at Southern TN Fitness Camp and weight loss resort in the midwest

On May 8th I commented on the facebook page of the Anchor of the 6:00 p.m. NBC Nashville news, WSMV, that “It would be wonderful to have Tracy Kornet from Channel 4 come to Tennessee Fitness Spa!”. Tracy, thankfully, replied on May 10th with “I would be honored to come! Sounds like a fabulous story???”. So here we are, only 29 days later, reliving the filming experience and facebooking the amazing photos of the NBC crew at the TN Fitness Spa.

It was late Monday night, June 6th, when Tracy Kornet, the anchor of NBC Nashville’s 6:00 p.m. news, Michelle Palmer, a producer, and Brian, a cameraman, arrived at TN Fitness Spa to participate in, and film the fitness activities, and to film and enjoy the refreshing ambiance of our gardens, campus, and the natural bridge. The first thing that Tracy and Michelle noticed after getting out of their SUV, was how wonderful the air smelled. Our Fitness Camp is right on 48 Creek and is surrounded by water, flowers, gardens, trees, and wildlife.

Michelle and Brian requested a tour of the campus and facilities in order to know the layout of the Spa for morning filming, therefore it was 11:00 p.m. before everyone was snuggly in their rooms. That did not slow down the crew though, as everyone was accounted for at breakfast by 7:30 a.m., ready for walk warm up at 7:50, and started the 3.5 mile hike towards Heartbreak Hill.  

We were all back by 9:00, on indoor cycles by 9:30, and drenched in sweat by the time class ended at 10:15. From there, the Channel 4 crew, who were a delight to work with, and happy to be at the Fitness Spa, were ready to get their InBody results. The InBody machine, a very fancy scale, weighs your muscle mass, fat mass, lean body mass, water weight, dry lean mass, and calculates your visceral fat. Our cameraman got the perfect “D” report and was, and should be, very proud of himself for keeping himself in such good physical shape.

After the InBody analysis, we headed back to the gym so the NBC crew could interview Nancy Shaw, the owner, and catch two more classes: Butts and Gutts Core Class and HIIT Class. It seems that that should be enough for one day, but we still had one more activity to go before lunch, so we headed outside for the Outdoor Obstacle Course.

Michelle and Brian participated in the Obstacle Course along with the other guests, getting sweaty and dirty crawling through the sand pit. The course is a fun physical activity as everyone is yelling encouragement, and eventually, someone throws down a challenge. This time it was Barry who challenged Chris to a race through the course. However, Barry did not know that Chris, a high schooler,  could fly down the balance beam, skim right thru the sand pit, and jump up the climbing wall, so Chris ended up winning but they both won the cheer of the crowd.

After a well deserved lunch of Chicken Breast in Sante Fe Style, the crew began filming at the Natural Bridge doing “takes” for the Tennessee Fitness Spa 1 hour special, which is airing on Tuesday, June 14th at 5:00 p.m., along with a Health and Fitness in TN special, airing on Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m.

Tracy, Michelle, and Brian took a break from filming at 7:00 p.m. in order to eat dinner, load the car, and prepare for the journey back to Nashville. After a few more short interviews, the crew thanked us for a wonderful day as we thanked them for coming to Wayne County.

The spa is extremely grateful to Tracy Kornet and the NBC WSMV crew for driving to TN Fitness Spa, spending the day participating and filming activities, and for all the work they will be doing this week editing and producing the two fitness health shows. The NBC crew was so much fun to work with, to workout with, and to watch, as they filmed take after take with so much patience.

The experience with the NBC crew will remain a highlight of my many memories of TN Fitness Spa.

Teena Fuller

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