The Benefits of Trying Pilates During Your Stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa

Pilates classes at Midwest fitness and weight loss resort Southern Tennessee

Pilates is often called, “the art of controlled movements.” While it is intended to look like an intense workout, Pilates is actually a very flexible, very simple exercise system that builds strength, control and endurance throughout the entire body. Focusing on alignment, developing the core, breathing and balance, the system can be adapted for a wide range of experience levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. In this post we are going to look at five of the major benefits of trying Pilates during your next stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa.

1. Ease back pain

Because Pilates works to build a strong core, it can help you reduce chronic back pain. As a result, you will experience more mobility and hopefully increased comfort.

2. Focus on the simple things

By honing your focus on simple things, such as breathing, movement, and coordination, Pilates demands your attention keeping you focused on health and away from stressful subjects like work, relationships, and bills.

3. Increase your flexibility

In study after study, the effects of Pilates on flexibility have been apparent: it drastically increases flexibility. Considering this, Pilates makes an excellent partner for other, more intensive exercises that demand a high range of motion.

4. Boost your energy

Since it helps to enhance your body’s circulation, Pilates is a very stimulating form of exercise. Because of this, it increases your energy levels and helps to maintain a regular, dependable exercise schedule.

5. Whole-body exercise

At Tennessee Fitness Spa, we are all about full-body exercise. Our Pilates classes are one part of our holistic, all-encompassing approach to fitness. From healthy meals and nutritional guidance, to daily walks and regular exercise, our fitness camp for adults aims to transform your approach to living a healthier, happier life. If you have been looking for whole-body exercise – and whole-body health – be sure to sign up for one of our Pilate classes during your next stay.

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