5 Reasons to Try Water Exercises at Tennessee Fitness Spa

Water Aerobics at Midwest weight loss camp for adults in Southern Tennessee

During your stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa, you're invited to join a number of fitness and exercise programs. One of our favorite, and effective, programs is water aerobics and water exercise classes. From aqua aerobics, and tabata aerobics, to water volleyball and delta bells, our instructors have built a curriculum that is sure to offer something for every visitor. In this post, we're going to look at some of the key reasons why you might want to try water exercise while you are at the health spa.


The buoyancy of water works reduces gravity, relieving many of the difficulties involved with land-based exercises. Because of this, low impact aquatic workouts offer the benefits of high impact exercise while decreasing the risk of strain or injury.

Naturally adjusting resistance

Water is a naturally adjusting medium for weight training because of its viscosity. Working against forces exerted against it, water resistance can range from 4 to 42 times greater than air resistance. This allows participants in aqua aerobics to strengthen and tone their muscles in a safe, relaxed way.

Lower heart rate

Water allows your heart to work more efficiently which results in a lowered heart rate and blood pressure. This means that, over time, you can exert yourself more effectively in water than when performing standard, land-based exercises.


The comfort and low impact nature of water aerobics makes it a great option for anyone recovering from operations or injuries. With stress and strain relieved from the joints, participants can gain the benefits of aerobic activity without the drawbacks of traditional high impact exercise.

Fun and functional

At Tennessee Fitness Spa, we want to give all of our guests the opportunity to succeed in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. As part of this, we feel it’s important to show that weight loss, fitness and healthy eating habits can be fun and exciting. Water aerobics definitely meets these criteria. With a range of activities that anyone can take advantage of, it’s truly one of the best options for guests looking to lose weight, recover from an injury, or just have some fun. If you’d like to discuss how the fitness and health spa’s fitness camp for adults can benefit you, contact us today to learn more!

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