Is there internet and cell service available?

Yes, there is wi-fi in all rooms, the cottages, and at the RV park. We also have wireless service at the dining room, tv lounges, computer lounge, lower gym, sun deck, and on the grounds of the campus. Due to our location, wireless service is intermittent. Some weeks it works great and some weeks it does not.

There are land line phones in every room. You can have family/friends call you using the spa number 931-253-2285. They will be asked for your extension number. Your extension is your room number preceded by the number 2. Therefore, if you are in room 16, your extension number is 216.

AT&T service is spotty but you can usually find a location that works. There is a Verizon network extender located at the dining hall; Verizon cell service is only available within 50 yards of the dining hall. If you have Verizon cell service and want to make phone calls from your room's phone, you will need a calling card.

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