Why Travel to Middle Tennessee?

Fitness Success at TN Fitness Camp and weight loss resort

Why Travel to Tennessee Fitness Spa?

With so many great fitness options out there, why should you travel to Middle Tennessee?

“Let me count the ways,” or the reasons you should.

 1.     Fitness Program

We have an awesome fitness program directed by Kimi Sue Kelley.  Kimi Sue has inventive classes, infectious energy, and a supportive attitude for all the guests. She will make you aware of your potential, make you want to do your best, perform at your max, and accomplish your goals.

Just in case Kimi Sue is too bold for you, do not despair. We have Sandi, a gentle force of strength and boot camps; Toni, our resident “hippy” and dance teacher; Barry, our expert on weight lifting and building muscle; Meredith, our yoga instructor; and a whole team of walk leaders for the morning hikes.

  2.     Nutrition Program

Our kitchen staff is led by Belinda Jones, the Dietary Manager, with a degree in Fitness and Nutrition, plus years of experience in cooking, catering, and meal planning. Belinda, and a stafff of 6, serve three complete meals everyday and prepare healthy snacks for refueling throughout the day. No one needs to go hungry, a healthy fruit or salad bar is available along with the meals. We believe in good fuel and proteins for the body.

Belinda will be glad to speak with you about your personal needs and individual dietary considerations. If you don’t like a particular food, or have food allergies, that is fine. The staff will make your food the way you like it. We also offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and/or vegan options.

 3.     InBody Assessment

The InBody assesses your body composition, breaking it down into fat weight, muscle weight, and water weight. You can use the InBody information as an incentive to improve your workouts, nutrition, and daily choices. This information will give you the incentive to return to the Spa each year with more muscle mass and less body fat. The InBody information, combined with Kimi Sue’s “Taking the Program Home” workshop, will give you the tools to be successful after you leave the spa.

 4.     Relaxation and Rejuvenation:

There are plenty of opportunities to relax and de-stress. We offer beauty salon services, massages, cooking demos by Belinda, nature walks, yoga classes, meditation with Bevin, a heated pool, a sun deck, and a beautiful natural setting, including the double-span Natural Bridge and 48 Creek. Our guests love creek walking and hunting for geodes in the cool water.

Not all our guests are here for fitness reasons. Many guests come to heal, quit smoking, detox, and establish a healthier lifestyle. We are an all-inclusive spa; everyone is welcome. You cannot be too thin, too fat, too old, too….(Okay, you have to be 16 or older) too tall, too short……

 5.     Additional Opportunities:

Tennessee Fitness Spa is the only week-long fitness spa that offers a racquetball court, and several weeks a year we offer free racquetball lessons from a certified instructor. We also offer Pilates, strength training, toning, aqua aerobics, wallyball, pool games, musical concerts, nutrition classes, movie nights, educational workshops, and more.

We encourage you to check out our schedule of weekly activities, where we emphasize a particular activity, such as Cooking, Meditation, Tabata, Pilates, or Cycling. These activities are in addition to our regular fitness and nutrition programs offered every week of the season.

I hope I have convinced you to try Tennessee Fitness Spa. If not, read our reviews, follow our Facebook page, and get to know the many return guests that love and cherish their experiences each year with the Tennessee Fitness family. Then join us; you will be welcomed!

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