Our Return Trip to Tennessee Fitness Spa

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We usually visit TN Fitness Spa in May of each year, however, due to schedule issues we had to pick a new week so we planned a September vacation instead. We reserved our favorite room, The Penthouse Apartment, and arrived on a beautiful, sunny, Sunday for check-in. 

We meet 3 additional friends at the spa this year, but the TFS is a place you could come by yourself and feel welcomed into the Tennessee Fitness family. Besides, before your week is over, you will meet people from all over the U.S. and make a few new friends that you will keep in touch with for years. 

We settle quickly into our room, which has beautiful bedroom furniture, soft and comfortable bedding, and a living room with a flat screen T.V.  It felt immediately like coming back home. Ok, we admit that the place is not perfect, this is a rustic resort after all, and as a designer I would love to spruce up the kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a little paint, and maybe change out the shower curtain… but I can’t help it, I am always looking for the next project. After unpacking we took a stroll around the grounds It was a delight to see the improvements around other parts of the Spa. There were new recliner sofas in the Fireside Lounge AND in the Fitness T.V. room, as well as 3 new flat screen TVs hanging in the gym in front of the treadmills. The dining room felt spacious and the decor had been updated to include some fabulous new artwork with local scenic photographs. 

Speaking of the dining room, the new recipes, and the fruit and salad bar, are much improved! The green vegetables were very fresh with many of them locally grown or grown on the property by Dean. Belinda has created new recipes that are delicious, including more vegetarian options, and homemade salad dressings from Greek yogurt. The abundance of great food gave us the energy we needed to keep up with Kimi Sue’s creative workouts and for strength and cardio workouts on the upgraded gym equipment. Also, it was such a pleasure to have Barry Miller teaching again! We loved his fun and challenging classes. Barry also gave an informative and lifestyle changing lecture “Building Muscle and the Importance of Eating Protein”. 

One reason we both looked forward to this year's visit was to get back on the InBody assessment scale. This state-of-the-art equipment assesses your overall fitness, gives you a health score, and breaks down your body composition so you know exactly how much fat, muscle, water, and lean mass, are in each section of your body.

Last year we took the assessment and learned our body's composition and percentages and we used this information as an incentive to improve our workouts and to return to the spa with more muscle mass and less body fat. Combining the InBody information with Kimi Sue's "Taking Home the Program" workshop, we had the necessary information to be successful at home. 

The spa is not just about fitness classes. There are lots of opportunities to relax and de-stress with cooking demos by Belinda, nature walks with Dean, yoga classes, meditations by Bevin, (our favorite 45 minutes of the day) and several daily stretch classes. Several ladies in our group took advantage of having two massage therapists on the campus, Kim and Wesley, who provide quality massages in their newly redecorated rooms (not to mention a beautiful, upgraded, massage waiting room). And this year, for the first time, we took time off to go hunting for geodes while walking in 48 Creek. The cold water and beautiful green trees were so serene that we felt refreshed and energized at the same time.

After a wonderful week of fitness, relaxation, good food, and renewing friendships, we now face the challenge of picking the best week for our return visit in 2017 because we already know we are coming back!  We realize any week of the year gives us the opportunity to meet new people, take new classes, improve our overall health, and continue our education in fitness and health, but should we return in the Spring or wait for the Fall? Either way, I know we will be happy and grateful for a wonderful vacation and a continued journey to health and wellness. We hope you will come soon, too!

Susan S. and Katie G. of NC.



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