Nutritional Consultation

360 Health Coach Belinda Jones

Nutrition is the primary key to being healthy. How you fuel your body will determine how your body performs. Unfortunately, exercise alone won’t get you to reach your health goals. Everything from your physical body to your mental state is affected by your diet. Your body requires a variety of  7 nutrients (carbohydrates, fat, fiber, water, proteins, minerals, and vitamins) and every BODY needs different amounts of each nutrient.

By beginning your stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa with a nutritional consultation, our Health Coach, Belinda Jones, will help you see results by the end of your stay. The first time you sit with Belinda, you’ll discuss your health goals and she’ll get you started with a meal plan for your stay. Towards the end of your stay, you’ll meet with Belinda again to go over your results and you’ll get a meal plan you can take home that will work with your specific lifestyle and dietary needs.

During your stay with us, we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity we offer to meet with Belinda and begin down the path to changing your life. To schedule your sessions, please see Belinda directly or call her at extension 330#.

Nutritional Consultation Package- 
$100.00 Private Session or $90.00 Per Person/Semi-private Sessions (2 person limit)
This package includes a TFS Journal and two sessions: an initial session for 30 minutes, towards the start of your stay, to go over your goals and dietary restrictions and discuss a meal plan that you will start during your stay; plus a follow-up session for 30 minutes towards the end of your stay to go over your results and give you your personalized take-home meal plan.


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