Martial Arts; A Full Body, Mind, and Heart Workout Alternative

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Exercising the Body and Mind with Martials Arts

Is your current exercise regime one dimensional? Are you looking for a workout that will exercise both your mind, your heart, and your body? Martial arts might be the answer for you.

Martial arts training utilizes the entire body. Rather than spot training, or alternating workout days to focus on legs and arms, combat and play-fighting in martial arts classes promote fat loss and improves body composition by blending cardio workouts with flexibility. Martial arts practice engages the arms, legs, and trunk with simple full-body exercises that challenge and tone the entire body while increasing your overall strength.

All classes will begin with warm-ups that stretch and strengthen muscles to prepare them for kicking, grappling, and striking. Classes will typically include traditional heart-rate-pumping exercises like pushups, sit-ups and squats, which all burn calories, get blood flowing to the heart and brain, and boost adrenaline to aid the finer martial arts training that comes next

While you are working your body in martial arts training, your brain also gets a boost. Martial arts classes require physical and metaphysical strength; a student’s success relies on them reaching deep into their heart to channel the power within. The training sessions will teach self-control, how to channel anger, control the body’s movements, control physical responses to a stressor, all while teaching you to focus your attention and dedication on your practice. Consistent martial arts training helps check aggression, promote inner harmony, and relieve stress.

A student trained in martial arts is mentally strong inside a toned body. That is what makes martial arts a full body workout; it conditions the body, the heart, and the mind, working together like three points on a perfect triangle.

If you live near Franklin, Tennessee, you might be interested in reading about Justin Martin’s Harvest Martial Arts studio near the Historic Downtown. Justin Martin is a Black Belt and Certified Instructor of Han Mu Do where he teaches Han Mu Do and fitness classes to both adults and kids.

“Han Mu Do is a collection of traditional Korean Arts that includes striking and kicking techniques, throws and takedowns, joint locks and pressure points for self-defense situations. Students also learn traditional weapons forms and techniques including sword, staff, short stick and knife. Han Mu Do provides more than just a self-defense focus. The Student Creed's three tenets are optimism, balance, and harmony. These tenets will be taught and emphasized as students develop inside the school and throughout their lives.” Harvest Martial Arts Studio Home Page

Whether you take up Martial Arts, Yoga, Boxing, Cycling, Weight Training, or any other sport or work-out, we would love to hear about your progress, favorite studio, favorite exercise, or favorite teacher. E-mail us at so we can share your story. 

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