Interested in Taking a Weight Loss Vacation? Visit Tennessee Fitness Spa!

Destination weight loss spa; an affordable week-long fitness program

If you have been considering a weight loss vacation, you are in luck. Tennessee Fitness Spa is a destination wellness retreat that offers a comprehensive experience that includes accommodations, exercise, nutrition, cooking demos, workshops, and – of course – fun! No matter your age, from 16 to 85, we are confident that you can reap the benefits of our fitness camp for adults. With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable trainers, nutritionists, and staff on site, you’ll get all of the help that you need to start or continue your journey to good health. We understand that the difficulty of a new, healthier routine is sticking with it. Because of this, our programs are designed to arm you with the tools necessary to implement – and maintain – positive changes in your life.

Starting out

The first steps towards a healthier, happier life are often the most difficult. It’s easy to see the health benefits but, with a long journey ahead, it’s challenging to take those first steps. Committing to a weight loss vacation is a great way to take the first step and with the help of our caring fitness department,  kitchen staff, and office personal you will be walking toward your victory.

Staying true

After you’ve taken the first step, making a reservation, the next challenge is staying true to your commitments. Pack your bags, don't change your mind, and get ready for the best fitness experience of your life. You will have the opportunity to take new classes, strengthen your muscles, increase your cardio, learn to cook, and eat the correct foods in the correct proportions.

At Tennessee Fitness Spa, our goal is to arm all of our guests with the knowledge, tools, and experiences that they need to maintain their new regimens. With a talented team of skilled fitness professionals, you can be confident that – long after your weight loss vacation has ended – you’re still carrying the experience with you.

Our affordable fitness spa is here to help our guests implement lasting, positive changes into their lives. No matter where you are at, whether you are just starting out or you are looking to reaffirm your commitment, we are certain that we can help you start and maintain your momentum and stay true to your new healthier lifestyle.

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