Experience the Beauty of the Grounds and Gardens at Tennessee Fitness Spa

Fitness Camp for Adults

Situated in a peaceful, serene setting along Forty-Eight Creek, Tennessee Fitness Spa is a peaceful environment, far from the distractions of the city. Because of this, our guests are able to remove themselves from the stresses of the modern world, return to nature and, perhaps most importantly, fully devote themselves to pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

As a fitness camp for adults, we pride ourselves on offering a range of programs, consulting and services that help our guests adopt – and stick to – healthier choices. Whether you’re participating in meditation, nutritional consultations, aerobics, strength training or walking, every program that we offer is supplemented – and strengthened – by our spa’s setting. Deep in a beautiful, wooded river valley, it is easier to “let go,” open your mind and try exercises and foods that you may not have otherwise experienced.

In addition to our setting, several landmarks spot the landscape of our spa. A stunning natural bridge, serene river banks and meditative clearings in the wooded surroundings offer countless places for guests to reflect upon their day’s work. And, beginning each day with a walk, we provide every guest with the tools – and information – that they need to locate the peaceful setting of their choice.

At Tennessee Fitness Spa, our goal is to help our guests take the first steps in their journey towards a happier, healthier life. While classes are a great way to impart knowledge, alone time is the best way to reflect upon what will work for each individual guest. That’s why our guests love our grounds! With myriad options available, every guest can stake their own claim… they can find their own perfect spot and, there, settle down and think about the things that they have learned. If you’d like to visit our stunning grounds, be sure to contact us today to schedule your visit!

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