Channel 4 WSMV Pays a Visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa

Fitness Classes at southern Tennessee's health and fitness and wellness resort

Earlier this month, Channel 4 WSMV paid a visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa, a fitness and weight loss retreat in southern Tennessee, taking a close look at our weight loss and fitness program and philosophy. Spending a day immersed in the spa's routine, the news crew started with an Inbody assessment which measures how many pounds of muscle each of them have. From there, they enjoyed a healthy breakfast, an hour walk, and a 40-minute spin class. Participating in a range of fitness classes and activities, the team at WSMV, Channel 4 NBC, got the full Tennessee Fitness Spa experience including relaxing at the Natural Bridge and taking care of their mind, body, and soul.

We encourage all of our regular readers to visit WSMV's website to read the full article and view their stunning video.

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