Tennessee Fitness Spa Named #1 Best Affordable Spa by AARP

Midwest Fitness and Weight Loss Camp for Adults in southern Tennessee

Recently, AARP compiled a list of the best affordable wellness vacations, with Tennessee Fitness Spa coming in at number one! Citing our initial assessments and six-hour, daily workouts, the article positions our spa above a number of other fitness camps for adults from across the country. The team at Tennessee Fitness Spa, a Midwest weight loss and fitness resort located in southern Tennessee, is intensely proud of the work that they do helping people pursue healthier, happier, and more balanced lives, and are overjoyed to have their work validated by an organization as prestigious as AARP.

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Channel 4 WSMV Pays a Visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa

Fitness Classes at southern Tennessee's health and fitness and wellness resort

Earlier this month, Channel 4 WSMV paid a visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa, a fitness and weight loss retreat in southern Tennessee, taking a close look at our weight loss and fitness program and philosophy. Spending a day immersed in the spa's routine, the news crew started with an Inbody assessment which measures how many pounds of muscle each of them have. From there, they enjoyed a healthy breakfast, an hour walk, and a 40-minute spin class. Participating in a range of fitness classes and activities, the team at WSMV, Channel 4 NBC, got the full Tennessee Fitness Spa experience including relaxing at the Natural Bridge and taking care of their mind, body, and soul.

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Tennessee Uncharted Pays a Visit to Tennessee Fitness Spa

Tennessee Uncharted Visits Tennessee Fitness Spa, a weight loss retreat

Tennessee Fitness Spa, a health and weight loss retreat center, had the honor of hosting Erick from Tennessee Uncharted. Searching for a “scenic spa that believes in a connection to nature as the bridge to lifelong health,” Erick’s quest brought him to our doorstep, where he spoke with Mary Quinn about the spa’s philosophy and partook in eight hours of workout classes. 

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Vicky of FlipFlopTravel Reviews her Stay at TN Fitness Spa

Review of TN Fitness Spa and weight loss health spa in southern Tennessee

Travel blogger VickyFlipFlop documents her experiences at Tennessee Fitness Spa

Tennessee Fitness Spa, a health and wellness spa located in the midwest, recently had the honor of hosting VickyFlipFlop, a travel blogger who writes "for people who want to make the most of their annual leave, weekends, money and friends, by exploring the world, and a festival or two." Vicky created a video about her stay that we are excited to share with you. Vicky had a fun and productive stay at our fitness camp losing weight and getting healthy.

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Channel 4 NBC Visits Tennessee Fitness Spa

NBC at Southern TN Fitness Camp and weight loss resort in the midwest

It was late Monday night, June 6th, when Tracy Kornet, the anchor of NBC Nashville’s 6:00 p.m. news, Michelle Palmer, a producer, and Brian, a cameraman, arrived at TN Fitness Spa to participate in, and film the fitness activities, and to film and enjoy the refreshing ambiance of our gardens, campus, and the natural bridge. The first thing that Tracy and Michelle noticed after getting out of their SUV, was how wonderful the air smelled. Our Fitness Camp is right on 48 Creek and is surrounded by water, flowers, gardens, trees, and wildlife.

Michelle and Brian requested a tour of the campus and facilities in order to know the layout of the Spa for morning filming, therefore it was 11:00 p.m. before everyone was snuggly in their rooms. That did not slow down the crew though, as everyone was accounted for at breakfast by 7:30 a.m., ready for walk warm up at 7:50, and started the 3.5 mile hike towards Heartbreak Hill.  

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