Congratulations Dan J.!

Dan J. Transformation

We are so proud and inspired by Dan's success! See what he has to share with us about his journey...

"I have struggled with weight gain all of my life. In the last few years..."

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The Advantages of a Fitness Camp for Adults

Fitness Camp for Adults

Today we’re going to talk about why, whether you’re 25 or 85, it’s beneficial to attend a fitness camp for adults. As children, our parents sent us to camp so that we could get a taste of structured living. Intended as a way to transition us into our more regimented lives as adults, it’s easy for us to forget the value of organized activities.

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Adding Exercise to Your Office Workday

computer, desk

Your time at a health spa can recharge your body and reset your mind to living healthier.

Then you have to go back to work, 9 to 5, mostly sitting at your desk. You just can’t seem to fit into your schedule your fading resolve to increase your exercise routine.

One way to fit at least some of your exercising around your work schedule is to do limited to moderate exercise during the workday.

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Personal Training

Personal Trainer Vanessa

As part of our mission, we want our guests to be happy with the results they achieve during their stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa. We believe adding personal training consultations to your stay can greatly increase the chances of you leaving here not only satisfied with your achievements but also ready to continue your successes from home.

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5 Ways to Achieve Sustained Weight Loss and Future Health at an Adult Fitness Camp

Adult Fitness Camp

Fad diets, yo-yo dieting, and intermittent exercise just aren’t enough if you want to achieve lasting, long-term change. If you want your weight loss to last, you have to look at the decisions that you’re making and consciously choose to pursue healthier options. An adult fitness camp offers you a chance to explore your options, make healthier choices, and most importantly, helps you establish a healthy routine for the future. In this post, we’re going to look at 5 ways Tennessee Fitness Spa provides you with the knowledge and experience that you need to make healthy, life-changing decisions.

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