Healthy Food

A Look at Tennessee Fitness Spa’s Nutritional Program


Part of our mission at Tennessee Fitness Spa is to show our guests that healthy eating doesn’t have to be a painful or difficult process. At Tennessee Fitness Spa, we serve nutritious, healthy meals that are low in fat, sodium, and sugar. This allows our guests to begin developing eating habits that support a healthier lifestyle while contributing to their overall weight loss efforts. Using guidelines set forth by the...

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Belinda's Fall-Inspired Recipes

Fall, Apples

Looking for a great fall-inspired 3-course meal? 

Belinda has shared with us a few of her favorite recipes!! Appetizer, Entree with a salad, and a Dessert!

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Nutritional Consultation

360 Health Coach Belinda Jones

As part of our mission, we want our guests to be happy with the results they achieve during their stay at Tennessee Fitness Spa. We believe adding Nutritional consultations to your stay can greatly increase the chances of you leaving here not only satisfied with your achievements but also ready to continue your successes from home.

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