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Our Visitors Made a Video About Our Affordable Fitness Resort!

Affordable Fitness Resort; a week-long destination fitness camp

Recently, several visitors to Tennessee Fitness Spa were so pumped up about their visit to our affordable fitness resort that they decided to make a video detailing their experience. Discussing their time at our destination fitness spa, they talked about the power of having people around to motivate you, the calm achieved by being surrounded by nature, and – most importantly – the way our spa encourages having fun while losing weight, getting fit, building muscle, and making lifelong friends. To view the video, click on the image below.

Thank you  to Sarah Sullivan and friends for the video and your production skills!

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Preparing for Your Visit to a Weight Loss Camp

Weight Loss Camp

Tennessee Fitness Spa prides itself on being an effective, enjoyable weight loss camp. With a range of amenities offered, we aim to make our visitors comfortable. We have a general store with essential items, including toiletries and cosmetics, as well as a beauty salon to help you unwind after a long day of exercise. You should, however, plan on bringing a few things that will ensure that you have an engaging, effective visit.  Our website contains a comprehensive list to guide you in your packing and we encourage you to print this out and pick the items that are relavent to you. 

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After a Day of Exercise, Fitness, and Activity, Wind Down with a Relaxing Massage

Massage Therapist at destination fitness spa

After a day of walking, working out, and learning about nutrition, guests at Tennessee Fitness Spa often have a lot to think about. To help unwind and, more importantly, digest all of the information that you've taken in, we recommend a soothing, gentle massage from one of our trained masseuses. As a means of relaxing, we simply don't feel that there's any better way! In today's post, we're going to look at the benefits of massage and, more importantly, discuss how they can help you ease into – and out of – a long day of exercise, fitness, and activity.

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Escape the Chaos of Technology and Adopt Healthy Habits at our Fitness Camp for Adults

Fitness Camp for Adults; a week-long destination fitness resort

The modern world is rife with distractions. From glittering cell phones to noisome televisions and everything in between, there are myriad sources vying for our attention. In this chaos, it is easy to lose sight of what is important: adopting healthy habits that lead to a long, happy life. Whether it's putting off a nightly jog to catch up on your favorite reality show or it's opting for unhealthy, fast food to free up time to browse your social networks, these little decisions – these deferments of healthy choices – can have harmful, long-term consequences.

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